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Spicing It Up

I know I’m a lazy blogger.  But in my defense, I’m kinda going through some stuff.  Not that anyone is giving me any flack at all.  I’ve just been feeling guilty about posting a Youtube video from two years ago, in which Jed and I sing about a sandwich, and trying to pass that off as a legitimate post.  It makes me very happy that you like the song but come on, talk about phoning it in…

Not the song.  The song took days of unwavering discipline and is worthy of your praise.

Anyway, back to my self-inflicted guilt.  I really do enjoy adding to this… whatever this is… therapeutic rant about my current life situation?  But lately, I haven’t been feeling sad about it, or even frustrated, or scared.  I’m basically just bored.  Bored of the everyday routine that comes with being a sick person.  The shit hit the fan in mid-April and now we’re in July.  At this point, I feel I don’t have anything insightful to say about any of it.  I’m just living this way.  And it’s fucking boring.

So Jed suggested that I try something new.  Spice things up.  What better way to do that, than let him take over my blog.  Right now.  As me: 

Hey peeps!!! :)  Mo here.  Just girling it up!!!  Been a while since I wrote, I know.  But to be honest, I have been laughing my butt off for a couple weeks straight.  You’d think being cooped up with your husband for the summer would totally blow, but not if your husband is fucking hilarious!!!  I mean, he does these LOL goofy bits all the time (LOL means laugh out loud by the way) and they just kill me!  I try to play it cool by rolling my eyes and saying things like “okay I get it” or “stop” or “I will pay you cash to fuck off”, but inside I’m dying laughing and he can totally tell.  

Not that he’s a clown.  I would never want to give you that impression.  His unfathomable humor is only one piece of his complex yet somehow grounded personality.  He can be mysterious like James Dean must have been.  He can be dangerous and surprisingly strong considering his svelte frame.  And at times, he is almost sage-like in his Zen approach to things.  Sort of like a monk.  The kind of monk who knows karate.  Or like Sting!  Yeah, he’s like a younger Sting.  In more ways than one if you know what I mean. ;)  Not that you guys want to hear about our sex life, yuck!!!  But it’s really good and he lasts for hours.  

Anyhoozlies, gotsta run!  Jed’s birthday is coming up and I have to rush out and spend like a thousand hundred dollars on his presents.  I won’t spoil the multiple surprises in case he reads this, but I will say that no one else should send him the Cleveland Launcher Ultralite TL 310 driver with the graphite shaft and matching head cover.  Just in case.  

Time to go play with my boobs.  BYE!



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